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Onepu Mountain Bike Park

Length: 10.0 km

The Onepu Mountain Bike Park is a great place for all types of riders. The terrain is flat to rolling, which means there is only gentle climbing  - even the smallest member of your group will make it around the trails.

The Park is on privately-owned land but is open to the public thanks to the generosity of Norske Skog Tasman.

The Rides

There are four main single-track MTB trails:

  1. The Outback, which is a great entry and exit trail to the park
  2. Pai’s Pathway, which is a gentle climb up to the top of the ridge
  3. Oh Mai-Mai, which is a shared-use trail for MTBers and walkers, and zig-zags down to Lake Tamurenui
  4. Hedgehog, which is a fun, downhill way to end your ride

The Ridge Loop is a shared-use 4WD style track which offers an alternative way to connect the four main single-tracks while adding in some additional climbing and downhill.  

The Sandpit is BMX-style jumps that will keep the whole tribe happy. Get some big air or simply roll over the top. Either way it will put a smile on your dial!

Once done with the biking, you can enjoy a walk around the Onepu Wetlands, which are beautifully framed with graceful boardwalks.

Onepu MTB Park User Information

The trails are a community project initiated by the Onepu Park Care Group on Norske Skog Tasman forestry land. It is provided for members of the public for mountain biking, walking and running. Norske Skog Tasman reserves all rights of access and use of the forest.

Mountain biking has dangers. Proceed at your own risk, keep to the trail at all times and ride within your ability.

Remove any valuables from your vehicle before you lock it.

For enquiries regarding use of this land for recreational events or to report any suspicious activity, contact: Norske Skog Tasman Security, 07 323 3999 (24hrs). In case of emergency call 111.

Riders Code

  • Children to be supervised at all times
  • Respect all property, other users and wildlife
  • Stay off neighbourhood farmland
  • You must wear a helmet when cycling
  • Cyclists have right of way – give way to faster riders
  • No smoking
  • No rubbish
  • No motorised vehicles
  • No building or altering trails or structures without authorisation
  • No hunting/shooting
  • No horses
  • No fires

Please note that Oh Mai-Mai trail will be closed during the May/June duck shooting season each year out of courtesy to local hunters.